Database Systems

Need a new Database System? No problem – we can deliver!

Modern businesses rely on database systems to store information and make it accessible to the right people throughout the organization. Iterum has many years of experience designing these systems for companies across North America.

Database systems provide organizations with a central repository of information that can be easily searched or used to generate reports. There are a vast number of technologies used to implement database systems – from Access to server-based systems like SQL Server and Oracle.

MS Access is often the starting point for many database systems in smaller companies or workgroups within larger organizations – and it can work well for smaller systems. However, Access is not really suited for situations where the data is particularly important, or where it needs to be shared over the internet.

Server based database systems like MS SQL Server, MySQL and others use a dedicated computer to hold the database. This makes the entire system faster and provides effective protection against data corruption.

Although the database server software is at the heart of the system, the process of designing a new database system has more to do with understanding the requirements and then creating the forms and reports required to enter the data and retrieve it.

Iterum has all the skills required to deliver a new database system for your organization:

  • We can create a custom Windows Application to deliver the forms and reports you need directly on your PCs
  • Or we can create a Web-based Application, so that the forms and reports are delivered via your Internet Browser and are accessible to any group or user you choose.

Planning and executing this type of project requires significant knowledge and experience. This is one of our strengths at Iterum. If you would like to know more about how we can help your company realize its online goals, please contact us at or 1-514-556-2533.

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