High Availability Hosting

We define High Availability as the ability to always maintain a service. The goal is to create an environment that is as resilient as possible so if something does go wrong, your business process and services are unaffected.

We can maintain this level of service using the following services:


  • Local backups, for quick recovery
    Local backups of the database are stored within the environment. This makes recovery almost instant if data corruption or deletion occurs. In addition, the backups serve as an archive, allowing is to roll back to earlier version of your data if the need ever arises. This typically happens to cover human error, such as, “Oops, I deleted the wrong file”.

  • Off-site backups, for security & disaster recovery
    Moreover, another set of backups is performed offsite, in another data-center. This allows the protection of your data even if a disaster occurred at our main data-center site.

Load Balancing

  • The network traffic benefits from being load balanced using the same architecture as Twitter, Fedora, Farmville, Instagram, Playfish (EA), Reddit, and Virgin Airlines, to name a few. We can handle 300 000 requests per second and 100 Gbps of traffic.

SQL Clustering, Always-On service

  • Active/Passive cluster
    When running in Active/Passive mode, SQL Server runs on one active server while the passive server waits in case of a failure.

  • Automatic/Manual fail-over
    A fail-over can occur both automatically or manually. A manual fail-over is beneficial if patching or some other form of maintenance is required at the physical server level. We have implemented clustering to ensure that if ever a hardware failure on the physical server hosting your SQL instance is encountered, your databases would continue to be available to your applications and users.SQL Cluster


  • Our entire network is protected by high end firewalls. These firewalls are setup in a high-availability configuration. These firewalls will also allow for visibility on attacks and protection against breaches within our networks.

Our Data-center advantages


  • Server access restricted to a few qualified technicians
  • 24/7 surveillance in our data-centers
  • Firewalls and virus definitions updated many times a day


  • Standard internet link of 100x100Mbps
  • Up to 10x10Gbps internet available
  • Gigabit local network
  • Enterprise class cooling system


  • On-site team to maintain diligently the equipment
  • Technicians available to swiftly answer service calls
  • Hardware redundancy inside servers
  • Many direct backbone connections to the internet
  • Backup generators in case of power outage
  • UPS (electrical surge protection and short power failure backup)

If you would like to know more about High Availability Hosting, please contact us at sales@iterumsoftware.com or 1-514-556-2533.

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